Boston Area Safer Spaces is a volunteer group helping to promote safer spaces, and bring awareness on how individuals and groups in our music community can help prevent sexual violence, and how we can respond to incidents with greater compassion and knowledge. On this site, you can read about how to be a Bystander and how to Respond to Incidents.

Many of our volunteers have completed Boston Area Rape Crisis Center workshops on Bystander Intervention and Responding to Disclosures. Although we are focused in the Boston music & creative scene, we believe this information could be helpful to other communities too.

Initially, we are focused on education and awareness, socializing information at events through handouts and online when people ask the questions: What can I do? How should I respond? We want to make this information familiar and comfortable enough that anyone can be part of the solution.  BASS volunteers encourage this education and awareness where we have the opportunity and see there is a need, but you don’t have to be BASS volunteer to do that. Anyone can learn at their own pace and engage.  When you hear about an incident, see comments happening, you could point them to the page that helps answer the questions, provides facts and helpful responses, tips, and resources.

In the future we plan to include links for more resources, organize workshops, and feature related interviews, articles, and essays on our blog.

At our core, we want survivors to feel there is a pocket of support. Many of us have been survivors too.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact BARCC. 24-hour hotline: 800.841.8371